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Symbiont: collecting lichens

Symbiont three month research project has started. I have arrived at SymbioticA on the 13 April 2021.  On the 15 April I have received from the  DEPARTMENT OF BIODIVERSITY, CONSERVATION AND ATTRACTIONS/Government of Western Australia  the permit to collect the lichens. I had to apply  for FLORA TAKING CROWN LAND LICENCE 61 and application for REGULATION 4 AUTHORITY 8 (1) and  APPLICATION FOR PRIVATE LAND SUPPLIER’S LICENCE 63. By doing this applications  I started to understand how much care I need to have in collecting lichens and toward the environment. During the weekend 17-19 April, I went to visit a private property at 3 hours far form Perth, in the Blackwood river Valley within the shire of  Bridgetown-Greenbushes. I collected the common foliosa lichen species growing on rocks and burnt logs but also crostosa ones growing on granite  rocks. The valley was astonishing. In the morning the mist and the rayon of the sun breaking through. Optimal environment for lichens being  poikilo

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